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29 July 2005

Well, now everything is working right for some reason. Not everything, but enough that I won't have to go into hiatus! New comic Monday, probably? Probably.

How do you pronounce hiatus?


26 July 2005

Okay, here's #60 for real. You have to click on it or something. Watch out, it's pretty huge. Because it's pretty awesome.

Free Image Hosting at

You know what? I'm starting to think there's a lot more crazy stuff going on than I initially thought! I'm starting to think it's all just insane.

The problem with images may have to do with Keenspace (now "Comic Genesis," or "ComicGen," or something), or it may have to do with my FTP program, or it might just be my firewall, for some reason. I have no idea. But I'm starting to consider that maybe KeenSpace isn't meeting my needs. You know?

But I can't think of any other hosting that would be easy/cheap enough for a seventeen-year-old kid who lives with his parents and isn't as good at the Internet as you might think he is. So I'm having other ideas. Like a mailing list? Or publishing the comic from this blog?

These ideas don't do much for the extra content I work pretty hard on, though. What would be really nice, so nice that it's unrealistic for me to hope for it, would be if one of my kind and generous readers let me use a bit of their webspace.

I'm not begging, or really even asking, and nobody should go out of their way to help me. However, until I can fix this, I'm afraid Patheticity is going to be on another hiatus. This will at least give me a chance to get the story under control (I'm going to make a CALENDAR), and maybe even do the homework I've been putting off all Summer.

Listen carefully to me! This is important.

Something is super-wrong with my system. There is something very wonky going on. Last night I uploaded the pictures and HTML for my travelogue: You can see it now from the main page. EXCEPT all the pictures are broken. This is because I had them all referring to, which does not exist. Well, I fixed that, but they still don't show up, because they're the same tiny 1x1 pixel buggers I encountered before when making buttons!

What's worse is: The new comic is up, but it's got "errors." I don't know what the heck these "errors" are, but that's what it says it's got. I don't know if this is the same problem I've been having with the other images. I don't know anything.

I think the problem might be with my FTP program, which sucks. If it's not that, it's a problem with Keenspace, and they might know something. I'll check their help forum, but in the meantime: Any good FTP programs around?

23 July 2005

Gee whiz you guys! I didn't get any guest comics! I didn't get them on time, at least. I couldn't check my email a lot, so I didn't know! Also I couldn't upload Comic #60!


You can: CLICK HERE to see a tiny thumbnail of #60; this is an artifact of my failed attempt to upload the comic to Blogger Images on someone else's computer so that the comic could be seen without my actually officially uploading it. It is uploaded now, hoorah, and will appear tomorrow. It is a big, long comic, one that might even make up for my week-long absence.

I actually did get one guest comic. I didn't see it, what with being gone. It was pretty good; I will add it to the Extras page, along with another piece of fan art. You guys are great! So great!

Where was I, for a week? Well, you will have to wait for my ComicCon Journal to find out. But I will give you a hint: I was not at ComicCon. At all.

10 July 2005

Hey, guys! What's up?


I wasn't talking to you, Robo-Blog! I was talking to all my fans out there in Internet land!


Why's that, Robo-Blog?


That's because I'm busy making Patheticity comics!


And sitting around on my butt watching television! Okay, Robo-Blog, I've got some news for my fans, so you need to shut up.

First of all, I fixed the buttons on the main page. I fixed them by deleting them out of existence. I just highlighted all the HTML and just hit that delete key and got rid of them. Then I replaced it with a brief introduction to the comic and website for new viewers, because I'm a nice guy.

I also redid the Important Things essay again. I'll never be happy with that dang thing.

And there is some important news for you, the readers! Next week (July 18-22), I'm taking a vacation from comics, like Garry Trudeau. Since I'm not about to run old Patheticities over again, I'm asking you, the readers to submit guest strips! I'll take the good ones and let everyone see them! Guest strips should be sent via "e-mail" to andrew dot irony at gmail dot com. Don't worry about file size: gmail gives me over two gigs of space! They love me!

Deadline for guest strips is Wednesday! Don't be late, or I'll just put up more Desert Animals!

03 July 2005

I was almost done with tomorrow's comic when I realized that the storyline I had been planning out does not make any sense. It was poorly planned! I'm sorry! There will be a new comic, a new sense-making comic, eventually.

Also there are some more extra-Patheticity comics by me coming up, including one about Star Wars, and one about my TV show. I'm also going to restart Road Trip. This time, Road Trip will have bigger pages, better art, and it will be better. I have high hopes.