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30 December 2005

Sorry, but there haven't been comics lately. This is because I have a dang ton of stuff to do, and also because I am lazy. There will be a new comic tomorrow, I think. That should be fun.

The new comic will end Chapter 2, "Snatch," which means that it is time for Chapter 3, "Stuck." I am thinking about storylines and such, lately. I am thinking about Chapter 4, and also kind of about Chapter 5. I actually have more of an idea with where I'm going with Chapter 5 than I do for Chapter 4! Isn't that wild? Like, I am pretty sure Chapter 5 will include the phrase "know your enemy" in a rather humorous, if mysterious, context.

If this post seems kind of dead and lacking in my usual zest, it is because I am kind of dead and lacking in my usual zest.


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