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22 August 2006














02 February 2006

Page one will appear to-morrow, and page two shortly thereafter! I feel really good about this! I am having mood swings.

31 January 2006

There is not going to be any dang Tales of the Burger Tsar. Yet. I am going to do the dang Chapter 3--pretty dang soon. I have the scripts for enough stuff to get going. I just need to get out of this thing I'm in. I seem to be in what we in what we call "The Biz" call a "rut." I need some chocolate, or something.

29 January 2006

Okay before I do Chapter 3 I'm going to do a little something in between! To flesh out the setting, or something. It will be called "Tales of the Burger Tsar," and it will be pretty great, even though it will involve the FoppyKing and Kolin Chasm characters and their friends instead of Jab and his friends. Coming sooner than you think.

19 January 2006


FoppyKing and Kolin Chasm have both told me it's okay if I don't make a little comic about them, but rather INSERT them into CHAPTER 3 as minor (but very funny!) characters. The exact nature of these minor characters is a SECRET.

On Chapter 3: I have the scripts for 8 pages now. 8 pages of 12 panels each is like SIXTEEN of the former 6-panel strips. Those were strips. These are pages. Preliminary outlining indicates that there will be something like twenty pages, so we're at... 40%. We should make a little status bar, like Piro used to have, before he just decided not to update at all.

Chapter 3 promises to be prettier and better than Chapters 1 and 2 combined! We now enter Patheticity: YEAR TWO.

12 January 2006

I am not kidding you even in the slightest degree when I say that I am about to release PATHETICITY ACTION FIGURES. I am totally serious. I am as serious as a Supreme Court nominee. I am releasing Patheticity action figures, and they will cost you only a PENNY, and you will be able to instantly recieve them over your internet connection.

Just click HERE
(pdf, 664 kb)

(jpg, 1.2 mb)

And print the picture out.

Then fold the paper in half.

Then cut out each of the characters, leaving some room around their feet.

Then glue the insides (If you don't know what side is the inside, I don't know what to tell you) together, except for the little room around the feet.

Then glue the little area below the feet to a PENNY, to provide stability.

Then send me pictures.


07 January 2006

I'm going to make it official and say that Patheticity is on HIATUS (say: "Hi, Atticus!") until I figure out Chapter 3 completely. I did almost all the scripts for Chapter 2 beforehand and it turned out really great, so I think that is a good direction to go in.

Terms to define:

Discussion questions:
Why is Ryan postponing the strip? Would you have done the same thing if you were Ryan and you had a ton of stupid school stuff to worry about? Why or why not?