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28 August 2005

A few updates!

School starts for me on TUESDAY. That's why we're going back to normal schedule; I want to get this story over with but I also want to GET GOOD GRADES. My desire for good grades outstrips my desire for a new storyline.

Now, I have gotten some complaints lately. Complaints mostly pertaining to the EXTRAS page, where there are the following problems:

A: What's drawing (excellent drawing!) is a dead link.
B: I never told anyone that What's drawing and SimonBob/CodPor's comic was up.
C: I have not put up my friend Aaron's new fanart.
D: I need to put up more Desert Animals (Seriously, someone requested that I put up more Desert Animals. No lie.)

I will take care of these things. I will take care of them AFTER I have gotten done with the Odyssey and the accompanying assignments. I need to get this done before school starts! When I finish that, the new top priorities will be items A, B, C, and D. Since I've got to finish the Oddysey stuff before Tuesday, it stands to reason that the other things will be done... Shortly afterward.

Less important things:

I made another decision about chapter divisions, as if you care. The first 45-ish comics are in chapter 1, "Pals." Starting where Pals ends and continuing to the end of this storyline is chapter 2, "Snatch." So, if you're keeping track, or anything, that's what it is. I'll tell you for sure what the division is when I feel like telling you.

I'd like to get some feedback about storylines and stuff. What, plot-wise, was cool? What was dumb? What would you like to see? Et cetera?

22 August 2005

Okay, folks, here's the game plan: Comics every day from Tuesday to Friday, then nothing on Saturday and Sunday, and then Monday we start back on the Mon-Wed-Fri schedule. Got it?

15 August 2005

Man, are you guys the luckiest webcomic readers ever? Maybe! Because starting tomorrow, Patheticity is updating every single day. Every single day! This is because the current storyline isn't ending any time soon, and I don't want to wait two and a half months for my brilliant ideas to come to fruition. Thus: faster updates! Even on weekends!

For how long, you ask? Well, at least until the 21st, because I uploaded comics up to that date today. But tomorrow, I'll be making even more comics, and the day after that, I'll be making even more, so probably we'll be going well into next month. I already have scripts for about thirty comics; that is a full month of every-day comics if I keep this streak alive.

So! My recent not-updating is totally atoned for! Great.

11 August 2005

Well, there goes that idea. Various reasons for no comics lately, like Driver's Ed and working more on t-shirts than anything else. Sorry! Next week will be better! I hope!

06 August 2005

I'm going to add some chapter titles to the archives, to create the sense that I have some structure going on. This doesn't matter to you, as you've probably read all of them, but I thought of a little game for you to play. Guess which comics are the beginning of which chapters:

Chapter 1: Holiday
Chapter 2: Typical
Chapter 3: Comrade
Chapter 4: Trauma
Chapter 5: Snatch

I'll give you a hint: Chapter 1 starts with comic #1! That wasn't a hint, it was an answer. Oh well!

03 August 2005

So things seem to have gotten back into the groove, as it were. As it were! I'm much more confident now about getting everything done in the last weeks of summer that I need to get done, and that means I don't feel guilty working on Patheticity instead of reading The Oddysey.

So what else is left? I'd like to get that Road Trip series restarted like I was going to, and get more of that extra content I promised going. Is there anything you'd like to see? Are you aware that over the course of several months, I have gotten no more feedback on the comic than "That one's my favorite"? Doesn't that bother you? It bothers me.