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19 January 2006


FoppyKing and Kolin Chasm have both told me it's okay if I don't make a little comic about them, but rather INSERT them into CHAPTER 3 as minor (but very funny!) characters. The exact nature of these minor characters is a SECRET.

On Chapter 3: I have the scripts for 8 pages now. 8 pages of 12 panels each is like SIXTEEN of the former 6-panel strips. Those were strips. These are pages. Preliminary outlining indicates that there will be something like twenty pages, so we're at... 40%. We should make a little status bar, like Piro used to have, before he just decided not to update at all.

Chapter 3 promises to be prettier and better than Chapters 1 and 2 combined! We now enter Patheticity: YEAR TWO.


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