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26 September 2005

Guys! I'm really sorry there haven't been comics lately. I got the lead role in the school play, which means that all my weekday afternoons are spent in a dark room, getting up in front of a difficult-to-please man who tells me how to pretend to be someone that I'm not! It is disturbingly similar to society.

Add that to all the insane stuff I've told you about before, and you can see why I'm not updating regularly (not updating at all!). I wish I could make it up to you, somehow, but doing that takes time, too, and time is one thing I don't have.

Comic #100 will not appear on the twenty-eighth of october, nor will it be replaced on that day with an amusing image that would hilariously make light of your expectations. Comic #100 will not appear on Halloween, as I had been planning all along, as a big suprise for all of my fans. Comic #100 will appear eventually, but before that, comic #82 will appear, followed shortly by comics 83 through 99.

Like I said, I'd do some other wacky thing to appease your hungry maws in the absence of the comic, but I don't have the dang time! Maybe in November, when the play is over, I'll get you a present. Or something. I don't know.


17 September 2005

Look for comic #80 tomorrow! This is an important one, you guys. And following that, we've only got 20 to go before the 100th, which as you all know is slated for the 28th of October.

Pretty intense!

13 September 2005

School started, and the comic took a back seat to everything, including showers. Remember items A, B, C, and D? Well, they have been brought together to form Item Seven. Item Seven is lower on the priority list than Advanced Placement Biology, a business manager position at the school newspaper, the lead role in the school play, an infinity of incredibly irritating college planning things, my senior pictures (which would, in a sane world, be the last thing on my mind), and everything else, including showers.

The comic itself, despite its position below personal hygiene, is still above Item Seven, which is why comic number seventy-nine will show up tomorrow morning. Comic number eighty would show up the day afterward, except that it is one of those huge, incredibly gratifying 21-panel suckers, and it won't be ready for a while. I think that, given the context, you can very easily discern what, if anything, the phrase "a while" means here.

This does not mean the comic is really going to slow down that much! Updates will probably be missed, but that will be rectified. We will get through this storyline. We will view the stunning battle between Jab Blaine and the replicant that has replaced him. We will eventually see Jab without a wig.

Or would you like something concrete? I'll give you something concrete. Comic number one hundred, the big triple digit, will appear on October Twenty-Eighth. Barring that, I will cease to exist.