ROBO-BLOG is the culmination of thousands of hours of research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Push-Button Publishing! ROBO-BLOG is the first sentient blog, in the service of Ryan Veeder for purposes of disseminating news pertaining to Veeder's online comic strip "Patheticity." We all love ROBO-BLOG very much.

29 October 2005

Okay, once again the comic postponed to Saturday is postponed to Sunday because, after I worked very hard to get it done, I forgot to upload it.

Cool thing: Patheticity is officially a comic made by a guy named Ryan! It was always a comic by a guy named Ryan, but now it's official.

27 October 2005

It's 9:58 and I'm not finished with this Biology paper yet. The comic will show up tomorrow. Maybe I should change the schedule to Monday-Wednesday-Saturday.

22 October 2005

Heheh! Here's what happened Friday night:

I remembered I had to make a comic for Saturday! So I got my sketchbook out and sharpened five new pencils and lit the ceremonial candles and everything. Then I realized I had left the notebook containing all of my scripts for this storyline at school!

I began dictating a message to ROBO-BLOG explaining that the comic would not appear, because I didn't have my script to work from. Then I remembered that being very near the end of the storyline, all I had to do was remember the last comic, then the comic before that, and so on until I got to #90.

This turned out to work perfectly, because I ended up remembering most of my original script. I drew the comic! I scanned it in! I Foto-chopped it together!

Then I tried to upload it. My dang connection was down! I couldn't get it uploaded!

So the comic will appear tomorrow.

20 October 2005

Important message from ROBO-BLOG follows:









Ryan recently reprogrammed ROBO-BLOG to put a hyphen in "To-morrow"! He thinks it's pretty cute.

02 October 2005

You guys had better watch out! You'd better watch out, because there will be comics on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY of this coming week! And then the following Monday, there will be another comic! We might be on the regular schedule again...?

Now, as far as Patheticity goes, all that is left is to get the fanart all fixed up, fix the mainpage layout, make a decent IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW essay for once, and get finished with this dang storyline.

We came through okay!