ROBO-BLOG is the culmination of thousands of hours of research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Push-Button Publishing! ROBO-BLOG is the first sentient blog, in the service of Ryan Veeder for purposes of disseminating news pertaining to Veeder's online comic strip "Patheticity." We all love ROBO-BLOG very much.

29 June 2005

Today's comic is going to be late. My connection still has not recovered from whatever was plaguing it that fateful Saturday night. Therefore I am warning you, the readers, that you should not expect comics on schedule for a while. Of course, I will be doing my best (whatever that is) to get comics done early so that the sporadic connection becomes less of a problem. I already have Friday's comic done.

In other news: I got some fan art! This guy just came up to my door around lunch time and gave it to me. It was so cool! No, it's not creepy; I know him. I'll ask his permission, then I'll upload it.

22 June 2005

Sorry about that! The late updates are not my fault! See, me and my family went up to the lake for a few days. As we were leaving, I was on and off the computer, trying to upload the comics for Monday and today (The comics you are missing). However, the dang blasted internet wasn't working for me, and I had to leave with the comics still sitting around on my USB thing. I would have warned you guys about late comics, but I couldn't.

I couldn't do anything about it!

So the comics will appear tomorrow and Friday. In other news, I still can't figure out what's wrong with the buttons on the front page. The updated pages at, /important.html,
/archive.html, and /extra.html are up and running, though. You can go check them out if you want. I made new pictures and slightly different bios for the cast page, and added a long inane essay to the Important Things page.

The problem with the buttons, for those who care, is that for some reason they are all appearing as tiny 1x1 pixel buggers that you can't see or click on. I think that's the problem. It's hard to tell. If anyone has experience with this sort of thing, they should use the "comment" feature of Blogger to help me please help me. Please.

16 June 2005

Well! The Patheticity site seems to have updated itself pretty well...

...Except that the BUTTONS FOR THE EXTRA CONTENT PAGES ARE MISSING! I worked really hard on these new buttons for you, my fans, to click, and now they're not there! ROBO-BLOG! What's the deal?


Somehow, I doubt that, ROBO-BLOG. AutoKeen is a miracle of some sort of coding.


Well, it's not MY fault that the buttons aren't there, is it?


Well, I'll look into it.

Edit of a few minutes later: The problem seems to be that, while the images used to create the buttons are there, they do not actually exist. Something like that.

15 June 2005

Hello! This is Ryan Veeder, and THIS is ROBO-BLOG! The next generation in web logging! ROBO-BLOG is not only a "blog," he is also a robot. An "Artificial Intelligence," if you will. Say hello, ROBO-BLOG!


I'm just fine, ROBO-BLOG. Say, ROBO-BLOG, what do you think of the long-running webcomic Cat and Girl?


You're absolutely right, ROBO-BLOG. Well, that's all for today. We'll be back soon to give you actual news about the comic. Say goodnight, ROBO-BLOG!